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Holographic studio at the VVC

The holographic studio at the VVC (All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow) was established at the end of 1992 due to the efforts of Viacheslav E. Makhotkin and Sergey P. Vorobyov. The studio is equipped with a unique pulse laser and other devices which provide high quality manufacturing of pictorial holograms. The availability of the pulse laser allows us to record any object on holograms: including domestic animals, to make portraits of people, to create artistic compositions.

During several years the studio group has enhanced technology of pulse hologram manufacturing and recorded the interesting collection of pictorial holograms, which is displayed in the pavilion. The exhibition presents holograms of different collections with many subjects.

Artists often come to our studio to experiment with the 3-D images. The studio equipment allows free manipulations with the object’s lighting in order to create complicated compositions according to the artist’s design ("Art of the holography"). Picture represents the "Creator" hologram of the artist Dmitriy Samborskiy.

Our studio maintains close contacts with other holographic laboratories both in our country and abroad. Among them are: the holographic laboratory in the Russian Research Institute for Cinematography (NIKFI, Moscow), the holographic laboratory of the State Optical Institute (GOI, Saint-Petersburg), the Institute of Applied Optics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kiev), a large holographic laboratory in Vilnius, Lithuania ("Geola"), holographic photoplates factory “Slavich" (Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Russia) and many others.

Holograms manufactured in our studio together with other exhibits of the “Central” pavilion were displayed at various exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. Among them are: “Eureka”, an annual exhibition (Brussels, Belgium) (the collection of our holograms was awarded a golden medal in 1995 and a silver medal in 1996), “Hobbytronika” exhibition, 1996 (Turin, Italy), the holographic exhibition within the project “Saisons Russes a Cote d’Azure” in 1997 (Cannes, France), an international exhibition on scientific-technical leisure, 1997 (Pretoria, South Africa), EXPO 2000 (Hannover, Germany) and others.

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