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Sergey P. Vorobyov

Sergey P. Vorobyov

A physicist, expert in holography, Ph. D. of technical sciences, speciality – “Optics”. He has been studying holography since the 2-nd year of the university. During 30 years of his work, took part in the development of the main directions of applied holography – hologram manufacturing on silver-halide photo- materials, hologram production on dichromate gelatine, manufacturing of holograms for information system, “rainbow” and color holograms and etc. Sergey P. Vorobyov was a member of the commission on industrial introduction of photoplates for holography – PFG-01, PFG-02, PFG-03, PFG-04 – at the “Slavich” factory. He took part in testing these plates and optimization of the manufacturing process.

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