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Dear visitors, we are pleased to open the new section of our web site - "25 holography lessons". This section is named by analogy with handbook "25 photography lessons" by V.P.Mikulin, which was popular formerly and explained the main processes of photography manufacturing, step by step from exposure of a negative to chemical processing of photographic print. Nowadays, when the simple cameras and minilabs are widely spread, a few people are engaged in photographic printing independently. At the same time achievements of professional holography allow anyone to start manufacturing of his own holograms using an ordinary equipment. Unfortunately, there is few manuals on applied holography at present, and it's usually difficult to combine information from the scattered sources. This section is dedicated to enthusiasts desiring to be involved in pictorial holography.
The author of this section is Sergey Vorobyov. He will share his lasting experience of pictorial hologram manufacturing. This section consists of several lessons. Each lesson is devoted to analysis of a particular unit of holographic scheme or production operation. Sequence of these lessons reconstructs the real process of a hologram manufacturing beginning from assembly and adjustment of a holographic scheme to design of a ready hologram.-->